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Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Step Back Again

I've slipped up.  There are things in my life that I have worked so hard on, and made so much progress on, that are a big giant mess again.

And I've ignored it as long as I can.  Or not noticed.  Or not cared.

But I do care.  Even though it's difficult, I want to change things.  I want to swim upstream because I've tasted the other waters and they were satisfying.

When you are in the flow of things and stop swimming, the tide carries you backwards.  The idea is to notice before you get too far away from where you want to be.  And to keep heading in the right direction.

So I'm back on track, or working to be anyway.  Back to work.  No more floating along wherever life takes me. 

Even if I have to ask for help -- because we all need a life preserver every now and then.


Stephi said...

All the best to you Miss Robin. I know that we can get sidetracked and life can get in the way of important things we need to focus on. What's important is you have recognised where areas that you need to work on again. You WILL get to where you want to be, I have no doubt about that!

Much love

Lisa said...

What a crossroads you've come to. May you find the strength to commit to going wherever an authentic journey may take you. Hard work lies ahead. You can do it.

Linda said...

Well said.
Thank you.

LisaDay said...

It takes great strength to ask for help. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Right there with you. I got really tired of swimming, and now the tide has carried me really far backwards. Trying to make up all that ground is exhausting. I'm just worried that when I catch back up, I'll get too tired and fall back again.

Anonymous said...


Wish you all the best and hope that things will work out for you in a while.


sarah said...

I heard so many times for every two steps forward...you go one back. I hated hearing that...but I've come to see it's true...Take gentle care okay...and Stay strong.